About Us

RTO National values our employees and our community. Here are a few of our many initiatives.


Healthy Lunch

A healthy lunch is not cheap. To say thank you to our team members and to promote healthy eating, we offer the $5 lunch. Pick from a menu of healthy alternatives, all within a few miles of our office, and we pick-up the check for the amount over $5. Just one way to say thanks for being a part of the team.



Paris Mountain State Park Donation

A 1,500 acre state park only 5 miles from Downtown Greenville, SC, RTO National recently assisted the Friends of Paris Mountain State Park in the purchase of a 160 acre tract to expand the Park.

“The Friends of Paris Mountain State Park would like to thank RTO National for their generous support and commitment for the recent expansion of Paris Mountain State Park. Without the support of businesses like RTO National, this expansion could not have happened. We are fortunate to have good corporate partners who appreciate the need for such green spaces in a growing city like Greenville.”

Rob Howell, Past President of Friends of Paris Mountain State Park.

“I spend as much time hiking and trail running at Paris Mountain as possible. Growing up in Greenville, I fondly remember attending Camp Buckhorn inside the park. During high school, we camped and hiked inside the park. Upon returning to Greenville some years ago, I regained my appreciation for having such a unique asset so close to the city of Greenville. Today, the solitude of hiking and trail running through the park gives me that special time to be alone and think. Something that becomes harder and harder to do in today’s hectic world.”

Phil Falls, President of RTO National



Keith Rodgers - Inside Sales/Carpenter

Keith Rodgers, our Inside Sales and sometimes Carpenter recently spent a weekend heading up the construction of two picnic shelters for a local church in Allendale county, SC. This is part of the local missions program through Grace Church of South Carolina. Fourteen men from Greenville and many volunteers from the local church in Allendale participated .There were opportunities to teach some of the male youth volunteers about the basics of construction and what it means to be a man. Men are to reject passivity, take responsibility, and lead courageously. We are proud to support our employees in their efforts to impact the lives of others in such a positive way.



2014 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championship

Through our subsidiary BackYardStorage.com we are proud to be a community sponsor for the 2014 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championship. Greenville, SC hosted hundreds of riders from around the world to compete in the four categories which include cycling, hand cycling, tricycle and tandem all revolving around physical or visual disabilities. It is a wonderful event for our hometown to host and we are proud to sponsor an event that hosts so many outstanding and motivating athletes.



RTO National’s Chief Financial Officer's mission trip to Haiti

Kim spent a week in Haiti with Mission to Haiti, a child sponsorship organization that provides education, healing, and food for the hungry.  MTH's vision is to transform Haiti one child at a time.  Kim traveled with a team of about 20 people who over the course of the week organized and distributed over 30 boxes and suitcases of donated clothing, shoes, school supplies, hygiene items, medical supplies and snacks and bagged and distributed over 5,000 pounds of beans and rice to more than 250 needy families.  The team also built a kitchen for one of Mission To Haiti’s sponsored schools where they also held daily Bible school. In addition, two medical professionals on the team visited multiple communities completing physicals and nursing wounds and illnesses, and two others taught sewing and English to a group of Haitians to equip them with a trade to provide for their families.  On the last day, the team helped distribute letters and gifts from sponsor families to more than 100 of the 700 Mission To Haiti sponsor children and their families who came to campus. Kim is thankful for how God used this trip to open her eyes and heart to the needs of people in other parts of the world.



Mary's Trip to Romania

Mary spent 5 days in Lugoj, Romania teaching English to under privileged children in a day camp sponsored by North Hills Community Church in Taylors, SC. The camp was made up of four levels of proficiency accommodating children ages 5-14. Each day about 160 local Romanians attended the camp and were immersed in the English language. Mary taught the second to highest level, a class of 25 students, ranging from 10-14 years old. Students who graduate proficient in the English language are less likely to continue in poverty and crime and are more likely to graduate college, impacting the socioeconomic class of generations to come.



RTO National Cycling

A semi-pro cycling team built of individuals who are not only good cyclists, but are believers in a stronger community and living a healthy lifestyle. The RTO National Cycling Team continues to reach out to others in need to promote the cycling community.



Scotty's Ride for Water – (contributions by RTO National Cycling Team)


For his 10th birthday, Scotty Parker decided on an audacious goal, and beat it!

In Scotty's words:

“About 2 years ago I heard for the 1st time that there are kids who don’t have safe water to drink. One fact I heard that stood out the most was “Every 21 seconds a child dies from water-related disease.” I don’t know about you but as a kid who has all the water he wants to drink, shower as long as I want and even have clean water in the toilet I use, this made me sad and hurt my heart bad. Another fact I learned was “Waterborne diseases cause the death of more than 1.5 million children each year, which is more than 4000 children every day.” When I heard these facts and saw pictures of kids getting dirty water out of rivers to drink it made me feel better to know people are trying to help these kids and their families. Water Missions International has this super cool water system that takes dirty water in, cleans it and gives them safe water. They give people hope by providing them with clean water and by telling them about Jesus.”



Camperdown Academy

RTO National is a proud sponsor of Camperdown Academy, a school designed to meet the unique needs of students with dyslexia. Camperdown provides a unique educational environment where attention is given to developing the talents of children with dyslexia.



The American Cancer Society

RTO National is proud to sponsor, along with Affordable Storage of Laurinburg, The Caring Soles, Relay for Life Team to benefit the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is engaged in an effort to improve the quality of life for cancer patients by treating the patient as well as the disease.

Learn more at http://acscan.org/relayforlife.